Cholesterol Test


Cholesterol Test

Millions of people across the country are at risk of developing cardiovascular disease. In fact, it’s so common that many don’t realize there is a way to prevent their symptoms before they start! Maintaining an active lifestyle and eating right will help keep your heart healthy for years. By taking advantage of a regular cholesterol test in North Harrow and Wembley with The Health Pharmacy, you can identify any potential threats early on in order to minimize or eliminate them altogether.



Why get a cholesterol check?


It is important to watch out for your cholesterol levels. Your heart health may be at risk when you have high cholesterol, but that doesn’t mean it will manifest in any physical symptoms. If you want peace of mind about your cardiovascular system and would like a checkup on how well the rest of your body works too, come by our office!



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What happens at the appointment?


The service will be delivered by a friendly pharmacy staff member, who will check your eligibility and ask you a few questions about your lifestyle. These normally include;


– If you smoke
– Your regular alcohol consumption
– How active you are


After your checkup, you’ll receive a personalised action plan highlighting the simple steps you can take to keep healthy. These include how eating well and maintaining an active lifestyle will help in lowering cholesterol levels and preventing heart problems!



Get a better view of your health with a cholesterol test in North Harrow and Wembley at The Health Pharmacy and contact us to book today!


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