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Omron EVOLV Blood Pressure Monitor

The Omron Evolv is an all-in-one upper arm blood pressure monitor known for its simplicity and accuracy.

Here are some key features:

– All-in-One Design: No tubes or wires, making it easy to use.

– Intelli Wrap Cuff: Ensures accurate readings in any position around the upper arm.

– Intellisense Technology: Inflates the cuff to the ideal level for each use.

– Clinically Validated: The device has been rigorously tested for reliability and accuracy.

– OMRON Connect App Compatibility: Allows you to track your progress via smartphone.

– Memory Management: Can store up to 100 readings.

It’s designed to be portable and user-friendly, with a cuff wrap guide to ensure correct placement and a model that connects to the OMRON Connect app for easy tracking of your readings. The device also includes features like irregular heartbeat detection and body movement detection for comprehensive monitoring.

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The Omron EVOLV Blood Pressure Monitor is a clinically validated device designed for at-home blood pressure monitoring. It features a sleek, one-piece design with no tubes or wires, making it convenient and easy to use. The EVOLV utilises Bluetooth connectivity to sync with Omron’s Connect app, allowing users to track and share their blood pressure readings with healthcare professionals or family members. It also features Intelli Wrap cuff technology, which ensures accurate readings regardless of cuff placement on the upper arm. Additionally, the EVOLV has a large, easy-to-read display and can store up to 100 readings for two users.