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NutraTea – Herbal Tea

Here at NutraTea all our completely natural herbal blends have been uniquely developed to harness the benefits of botanicals and herbs by leading pharmacists and nutritionists. We pride ourselves on using only the finest herbs and botanicals with a well-established history for their health benefits. This ensures each herbal blend is packed full of health benefits whilst also creating a truly new herbal experience!

Unwilling to waiver on the quality of our herbal blends, all our herbal tea bags are free-from flavourings, oils and all those other nasties to create a truly natural experience. We don’t add bulking agents or random ingredients to fill out our tea bags, this ensures we maximise the health benefits and provide a superior quality herbal tea.

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How do I brew a perfect cup of NutraTea?

Boil 200 ml of fresh water and place one tea bag of your chosen blend into a mug. Once the water has boiled, add it to your mug, waiting 4-5 minutes to allow the tea to brew. Then, when the water has cooled down enough for you to do so, drink! For further information on the directions and frequency of use, please read the details provided on each individual product page of our website.

How long can I keep each product for?

The recommended shelf life for each NutraTea product is 36 months, although, for the best flavour and effect, we would recommend use within 12 months of the date the box has been opened.

Where are NutraTea products sourced/made?
All NutraTea combinations are expertly formulated in the U.K. and manufactured by one of Europe’s leading tea houses, carrying ISO 9001 certification. The herbs and spices within each product are exclusively sourced from over 20 different countries, including Croatia, Sri Lanka, Japan, and Brazil. Allowing us to offer you stringent quality and ensuring an unparalleled cup of tea that is bright, delicious, and bursting with flavour.

Do all NutraTea blends contain caffeine?

Not all Nutra Tea products contain caffeine, so please see below for a list of those that do and those that don’t:

• Herbal Tea Infusions: Nutra Uric, Nutra Relax, Nutra Thyroid, Nutra Release, Nutra Liver, Nutra Detox And Nutra Defense.

• Teas Containing Caffeine: Nutra Trim, Nutra Boost, Nutra Glycemia, Nutra Vision, Nutra Flow, Nutra Bone, Nutra Lust, Nutra Joint And Nutra Lipid.

Are NutraTea’s products organic?

With NutraTea’s prime focus being on achieving the most effective blend to suit the tea’s function, it is not always possible to source and use organic ingredients within NutraTea products; however, where they can, they will always opt to.

Is it safe to drink tea during pregnancy and/or while breast-feeding?

Generally speaking, most herbal teas are thought to be safe to drink during pregnancy and quite often can help to relieve discomforts, e.g., nausea and bloating, as long as they are consumed in moderation. However, we strongly advise you to speak with a GP or midwife if you have any concerns about drinking teas (containing traces of caffeine) or herbal infusions.

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NutraThroat – Eucalyptus & Marshmallow Root, Lemongrass & Ginger, NutraUric – Cherries & Nettle, NutraBoost – Ginseng & Ashwagandha, NutraDefence – Elderberries & Eucalyptus, NutraPreg – Ginger & Chamomile, NutraThyroid – Kelp & Nettle, NutraCleanse – Artichoke & Dandelion Root, Elderberry & Echinacea, NutraTrim – Garcinia Cambodia & Guarana