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Murine Hayfever Relief 2% w/v Eye Drops 10ml


Looking for relief from hay fever eyes? Murine Hay fever Relief Eye Drops could be the product for you. This prescription strength solution is available over the counter, providing real relief and treatment for the eye symptoms of hay fever.


Murine Hay fever Relief Eye Drops contain Sodium Cromoglicate, which reduces the body’s response to the hay fever allergen by stopping the production of histamines. This in turn prevents the eye symptoms of hay fever, such as itchy, red and watery eyes, from developing.


These eye drops provide a straightforward, rapid and effective means of reducing eye discomfort caused by hay fever symptoms.


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Directions for Use:


Use this medicine only in your eyes. Suitable for adults (including the elderly) and children over six years. Place one or two drops into each eye four times a day. Wash your hands before using the drops. Tilt your head back and carefully pull down your lower eyelid. Without touching the eyelid with the tip of the dropper, put one or two drops into your lower lid and then blink a few times to make sure your whole eye is covered by the liquid. Replace cap securely on the bottle. If your eyes are no better after 2 days of using the eye drops, see your doctor or pharmacist. If you find you need to use the drops continuously for more than 14 days, then check with your pharmacist or doctor before continuing.


Precautions for Use:


Do not use if you or your child are sensitive to eye drops containing sodium cromoglicate, benzalkonium chloride or disodium edetate. Avoid contact with soft contact lenses. For all other types of contact lenses: Remove contact lenses prior to application and wait at least 15 minutes before reinsertion. Do not use in children under 6 years of age. Do not use for other allergic eye symptoms (not caused by hay fever). Other things in everyday life can start allergies causing eye symptoms in certain people. For example contact with animals including pets, house dust mites, other particles and chemicals. Talk to your pharmacist or doctor. You must be confident that you or your child’s eye symptoms are caused by hay fever, or have been previously diagnosed by your doctor to suffer from hay fever.