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Beurer IH21 Nebuliser


Beurer IH 21 Nebuliser is a compressor nebuliser that uses compressed air technology to nebulise liquid medication needed for speedy and effective treatment of the upper and lower respiratory tract (i.e. airways in the lungs) disease and problems, such as colds, flu and asthma. Nebulisation is frequently referred to as inhalation therapy.


Examples of common respiratory problems that can benefit from inhalation therapy include chronic bronchitis, asthma, cystic fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (i.e. COPD), pulmonary hypertension, common cold infections and flu.


Beurer IH 21 Compressor Nebuliser is a safe, effective and reliable nebuliser for home use.


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Beurer IH 21 Compressor Nebuliser overview


  • Indicated for the treatment of the upper and lower respiratory tract
  • Nebulises liquid medicines by compressed air
  • Produces high proportion of respirable particles
  • Suitable for use in the treatment of colds, flu and asthma
  • High nebulisation capacity circa 0.3 ml/minute
  • Short inhalation time
  • Suitable for adults and children
  • Can be easily disinfected
  • Easy to use
  • Effective and safe
  • Comprehensive set of accessories (nebuliser bottle, mouthpiece, nosepiece, adult mask, child’s mask, extra-long compressed air hose, filter)
  • Storage compartment for accessories
  • Mains operated (240 V – 50 Hz; 240 VA)
  • CE 0483 Medical Device
  • 5 years warranty


Beurer IH 21 Compressor Nebuliser has a high nebulisation capacity (>0.3 ml/minute) with short inhalation time. Beurer IH 21 Compressor Nebuliser generates compressed air (approximately 0.8 – 1.45 bar) and passes it through the air hose and nozzles of the atomiser to the inhalant (i.e. liquid medication) to be nebulised. The stream of compressed air blows particles out of the inhalant (i.e. liquid medication) and mixes them with air in the atomizer. From there, the mixture of the inhalant particles dispersed in the air go through the nebuliser mask or via mouthpiece directly into the airways of the inhaling person.


For the very best outcomes from inhalation therapy, you should nebulise in a relaxed and calm atmosphere. Inhale slowly and deeply to enable your medicine to reach and penetrate the small bronchi located deep in the lungs. Always remember that you must only nebulise medicines prescribed by your doctor or recommended by your pharmacist


Beurer IH 21 Compressor Nebuliser specifications


  • Model: IH 21
  • Type: IH 21/1
  • Dimensions: 300 x 180 x 100 mm
  • Weight: 1.65 kg
  • Operating pressure: circa 0.8 – 1.45 bar
  • Atomiser fill volume: maximum 8 ml, minimum 2 ml
  • Medicine flow: circa 0.3 ml/minute
  • Particle size in aerosol (MMAD): 3.07 µm
  • Sound pressure: max. 52 dBA
  • Mains operated
  • Mains power input (UK): 240 V ~ 50 Hz; 240 VA
  • Operating conditions: Temperature 10° C – 40° C/ RH: 10% – 95%/Atmospheric pressure: 700 – 1060 hPa
  • Storage conditions: Temperature 0° C + 60° C/ RH: 10% – 95%/Atmospheric pressure: 500 – 1060 hPa
  • CE 0483 Medical Device
  • Warranty: 5 years