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Veganin 30 Tablets

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Experience the power of Veganin, a specially formulated medication designed to tackle acute, mild to moderate pain. Whether you’re dealing with period pain, headaches, migraines, toothache, muscular and rheumatic pain, backache, strains, sprains, or sciatica, Veganin offers short-term relief for adults and adolescents aged 12 years and over.




How Veganin Works:

– Paracetamol: Acts by reducing the production of prostaglandins in the brain and spinal cord, increasing our pain threshold so we feel less pain.

– Codeine: A stronger painkiller that mimics the action of endorphins, blocking pain signals to the brain.

– Caffeine: A mild stimulant that enhances the painkilling effects of paracetamol and counteracts drowsiness caused by codeine.

Usage Guidelines:

– Veganin can be taken with or without food.
– Adults (18+): 1-2 tablets every 4-6 hours as needed, not exceeding 8 tablets in 24 hours.
– Adolescents (12-18): 1-2 tablets every 6 hours as needed, not exceeding 8 tablets in 24 hours.
– Consult a doctor if pain persists or for use beyond three days.

Safety Information:
– Do not combine with other paracetamol-containing products.
– Avoid if allergic to any ingredients.
– Not recommended for persistent heavy drinkers or those with liver disease.
– Seek immediate medical advice in case of an overdose.